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Want an Everyday Farmers Market? Best Produce in Alexandria | Nalls Produce

As we start looking towards Fall, a post and video on Nalls Produce is long past due.

Want an Everyday Farmers Market? Miss out on Saturday to the Old Town or Del Ray markets? Forgot about the Sunday market in West End Alexandria?

Nalls is the best choice for Farmers Market local produce and products, with a Franconia location that is convenient to West End Alexandria. Follow Nalls on Instagram @nalls_produce and on Facebook.

Last week's trip brought home Heirloom tomatoes, carrots, Honeycrisp apples, Blackberry jam, and the best, sweetest White corn I've had since getting ears picked same day from a local farm when visiting family in rural Indiana. In my experience, Nalls has the best produce in Alexandria. And just as quick as a trip to the grocery store.

Great produce, vibrant colors to enjoy, and a pot bellied pig and ducks to enjoy (watch the video to the end).

Nall's Fall Pumpkin Hill for kids begins on September 30th.

Nalls is located at 7310 Franconia Road in Alexandria.


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