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Partnership with Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA).

My Office and Agents are supporting AWLA throughout the year to help animals in need. 

AWLA runs the Alexandria Animal Shelter located at 4101 Eisenhower Ave.

Why to Support AWLA.

AWLA does great work in our Community to help animals in need to find their Furever homes. 

In 2023, AWLA did this 1545 times. 

Whenever you visit the Shelter, you can check out the monthly Adoption Board in the Lobby to see how many animals found their homes.  Go at the end of the month to see a heart-warming image.

115 animals found their Forever home in May. This follows 123 in April, 112 in March, 101 in February, 109 in January, and 126 in December.

March 2024 Adoption Board


The other reason to support AWLA is their care for animals who have been maltreated.  Watching the video of Ramen is heart-wrenching. 

But it is also heart-warming to know that AWLA is caring for this poor pup.  He is now in the best of hands, with a loving home in his future.

Equally heart-warming is that the local Community donated more than the $5000 online fundraising goal to AWLA within one day.

Check out how much better Ramen is doing in just one week with AWLA's care and support.

THIS is why I started the partnership for my Office to support AWLA.

Ramen got adopted!!!

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