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Partnership with Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA).

My Office and Agents are supporting AWLA throughout the year to help animals in need. 

AWLA runs the Alexandria Animal Shelter located at 4101 Eisenhower Ave.

Check out our recent and upcoming efforts to collect toys, treats, food, and beds to help AWLA help animals in need.

Dontation & Volunteer Drives

2024 RED Day

2024 RED Day

Every second Thursday of May, Keller Williams agents, leadership members, and associates step away from daily business duties, proudly donning their red KW gear, and venturing into the communities they serve with three goals in mind: Renew, Energize, Donate.

For RED Day in May 2024, I will be leading the KW United Alexandria/Kingstowne Office to bring our red shirts and community spirit to the AWLA Shelter to help in their Mission to help animals in need. 


We donated $1850 & a small mountain of food, treats, & toys.  We also tackled some tasks that AWLA does not not the time to address, especially breaking down all the metal pet crates for disposal to clear up another storage area. 

All to help AWLA help animals in need.  Done with full hearts and appreciation for the wonderful words of thanks from AWLA.

The donated funds will cover the adoption fees for eight animals who find their Forever home.

I - and every other agent who participated - feel privileged to partner with AWLA to help their Mission to help animals in need.  That Mission is ongoing.  So is my support.

RED Day 2024 - AWLA (5-9-2024) - AWLA Testimonial 3 (Scott).png

In January, AWLA asked the public to donate Kongs to supplement their dwindling supply.  AWLA uses Kongs as a key enrichment toy to keep dogs mentally engaged while they wait for their forever homes.

As part of the partnership with AWLA, I decided to link this request to the upcoming Valentine's Day to deliver some love to shelter animals.

(DRAFT) AWLA Valentine Love for Animals (Instagram Post).png

100 KONGS Collected

So, Valen-Kongs Day was born.  This will be an annual collection drive this time of year.

I will update in mid-February on how many Kongs we collected.

If you want to donate a Kong to AWLA, Chewy has a "Buy 3, Get 1 Free" Special.  Check out AWLA's Wishlist on Chewy at this LINK.  You can also shop AWLA's Amazon Wishlist at this LINK.

If you would like to donate a Kong, send me an email at

V.2 (FINAL) IG & FB Post = Santa Paws _ AWLA.png

The hope is that as many animals as possible would find their Furever home before Christmas.  For those who do not, we wanted each to have something to play with or rest their head on for Christmas.

Showing what is possible when agents work with communities they focus upon, I collected 169 donated toys, along with treats, food, blankets, and beds to help AWLA help animals in need.

AWLA used my IG Reel on Santa Paws to thank everyone who donated to the Shelter during the Christmas Season.  

I followed up the first KW United Alexandria/Kingstowne donation event for AWLA (see Fall 2023 Donation Event on the "Community Donation Events" page) with "Santa Paws at the Shelter."

During December, I collected donations to deliver a toy to every Shelter animal for Christmas.

Red Curved Arrow (1)_edited_edited.png

Thank You AWLA!

The cute dog that supervised the Santa Paws collection is Kensington.

Santa Paws Delivery - AWLA Stsory (12-29

Thank you to all in Overlook who helped make this collection effort so successful.

The AWLA Staff was not only appreciative, but impressed with the generosity from your Community.  

Santa Paws 2023 - Thank You Overlook (Ordered 1-8-2024).png

On December 6th, our agents delivered donated items to help the Shelter stock their Community Pet Pantry.  Through the Pantry, AWLA provides food and supplies to pet owners in need so their pet can remain at home.

IMG_20231207_123650_629 (PS Edit).jpg

The donated food, treats, and supplies from our October 27th Donation Event with AWLA are going to the Shelter to stock the Pantry.

"Santa Paws" indeed.

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