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Property Spotlight

House and listing details of select Overlook houses during the year.

The two Overlook TH listings below were the first opportunities to share the LivinginOverlook website and the Community video, with the desired effect of heightening desirability & interest in choosing to live in Overlook.

If you want to know how these two TH sales impact the value of your Overlook house, give me a call to discuss.

5271 Morning Mist Lane

3 Beds, 3 Full & 1 Half Baths, 2-Car Garage, 2655 sq.ft. TH Model

  For Sale @ $900K
SOLD FOR $915,000

5271 Morning Mist (Landmark Mews Only) - FRONT ONLY.png

The story of this Overlook TH is how an agent's focus upon and experience in the relevant micro-market applicable to Overlook creates an opportunity to properly leverage a uniquely upgraded TH for a price point that most would view as unobtainable.

I had the privilege of selling this TH twice, the first time in 2019, then in Spring 2023.  The TH an amazing kitchen renovation ($100K project) that I have not seen in any comparable TH located Inside the Beltway.  The rest of the TH is upgraded to a scope and quality level so that I viewed this TH in 2019 (and again in 2023) as a "Once in a Decade" buying opportunity.  The marketing presentation and pricing of the TH were based upon this unique buying opportunity for a beautifully upgraded TH, with the additional benefits of the Overlook community and West End Alexandria/Inside the Beltway location.


The result for the homeowner was a new all-time high sale price for an Overlook TH at $915K, which is a substantial increase over the prior high sale prices for interior and end unit THs which BCP obtained in 2021 & 2022 ($835K for 5271 Cozy Glen Lane in August 2021, $795K for 5246 Cozy Glen Lane & 5265 Cozy Glen Lane in August 2022 & June 2021, & $790K for 5277 Morning Mist Lane in December 2021.

This sale result creates an opportunity for the rest of 2023 to move Overlook TH valuations to a higher level, especially when coupled with the 6228 Split Creek Lane TH sale (see below)


However, a smart assessment as to the house and the current buyer activity and inventory in the relevant micro-market is key to maximizing this opportunity, as this TH is well beyond what the norm for even a nicely upgraded TH.   

Enjoy the house photos and the walkthrough video featurette below.

2655 sq.ft. TH

2655 sq.ft. TH

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6228 Split Creek Lane

3 Beds, 2 Full & 2 Half Baths, 2-Car Garage, 2220 sq.ft. TH Model

  For Sale @ $780K
SOLD FOR $785,000

6228 Split Creek (Overlook) - Sold Postcard (Overlook Version) (Unsent).png

The story of this Overlook TH is another example of how superior visual presentation produces a better sale result in price and fewer days on market.  


This difference is magnified when compared to listing the same house with the same upgrades, but vacant with the lesser appeal to buyers in both the photos and when seeing a house in-person that comes from an empty or sparsely-furnished house. 

6228 Split Creek Lane shows that the difference can be - and often is - truly massive in terms of sale price and time on market.

The "House of BCP" process from listing preparation through closing is the difference.  Along with an agent who focuses upon Overlook, with the ability to support a higher price point by leveraging the credibility, knowledge, and experience that comes from that focus.

Read more about the "House of BCP" process here.

It is this kind of difference-making result that keeps my Passion running at a high tempo for the energy, effort, and focus to do the same for each client.  This same Passion led to the creation of to benefit the entire Community.

Now for the story of this TH.

In mid-January, an Overlook homeowner asked if I could help sell their Overlook TH after a prior 90-day listing in Fall 2022 with the house vacant resulted in no offers at a lower price. 


My passion as a real estate professional is not only superior visual presentation of each client's house, but to provide each client with the best possible experience in terms of less stress and uncertainty and more confidence throughout the process to achieve their house buying or selling objective.  With these dual Passions, I jumped right into helping this Overlook homeowner.


The TH has many nice features and upgrades, including a 12 foot ceiling in the kitchen area with two walls of windows, wood floors on all three levels, a neutral, eye-pleasing paint color throughout, and a fully renovated Owner's Suite bathroom with nice choices on finishes and materials.


However, with sparse to no furnishings in each living space, the TH lacked an appealing visual and narrative "story" to create an emotional connection with prospective buyers. 

To maximize the visual impact upon buyers, I fully furnished the TH from the "House of BCP" interior design collection and upgraded the focal point light fixtures, both at my cost. 

Further, creating value in the mind of a prospective buyer is not just about the house in question, but also telling the "story" of the Community and the "Liviabilty" benefits that come with the house.  The prior listing lacked information about Overlook, the WestEnd Alexandria project, or the proximity of the Community to work, cultural, recreational, and other regular Life activities.  To create additional perceived and actual "value" to buyers, the listing and property website provided a detailed narrative story of Overlook, the WestEnd Alexandria project, the new Inova Alexandria Hospital Campus that will be part of WestEnd Alexandria, and the benefits from the location at the West End of Alexandria and Inside the Beltway. 


When you couple a focus upon superior visual presentation with an agent's credibility to discuss the TH and Overlook that comes from a focus upon the community, the West End of Alexandria, and the relevant TH micro-market, it is a powerful combination. 


What was the Result for the Homeowner?  The house was under contract within two (2) days at a higher list price than the prior unsuccessful listing.  The sale price sets a high sale price for the 2200 sq.ft. model that is nearly five percent (5%) higher than recent 2023 sales of the comparable TH model in Cameron Station. All this occurred within two (2) weeks after the homeowner first contacted me to help in mid-January.  30 days later at the start of March, the homeowner had the sale proceeds with the ability to focus upon the next phase of their Life. 

Enjoy the house photos and the walkthrough video featurette below or on the property website link (

2220 sq.ft. TH

2220 sq.ft. TH

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