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About Scott & Bella Casa Partners

Prior to starting Bella Casa Partners, I spent 23 years practicing law, first as a law firm corporate attorney, then as Counsel for a privately-held company with business operations across the Country. Northern Virginia has been my home since coming to the area for law school. I moved to Alexandria after law school, then became an original owner in Alexandria's Cameron Station Community, which amounts to more years than I sometimes like to count.


My volunteer time is spent with a Labrador retriever rescue group transporting dogs on their journey to a better home.  In Fall 2023, I turned that passion for rescue pups into establishing a partnership with the Alexandria Animal Shelter, which is discussed elsewhere on this website. Starting in April 2024, I became an official Volunteer at the AWLA Shelter, which gives me an even greater appreciation for AWLA's Mission to help animals in need. 


When not working or volunteering, I look forward to more European travels and pursue my passion for antiques, books, gardening, and interior design.  These passions often find their way into a client's house when selling as part of the "House of BCP" interior design collection.  See how I use these interior design furnishings on the Gallery of Houses page.


Much time is also spent indulging my 2022 rescue pup, Kensington.

Santa Paws at Shelter - Thank You Overlook - Delivery Photo (Logos) (12-28-2023)
Scott Ford - Headshot (Cropped for Rela Websites).jpg

Kensington's portrait done by Alexandra Schmeling, a local artist who does animal portraits and watercolor images of DC, Old Town Alexandria, France, and places in between.  Check out her work at & her IG account (@alexandra.schmeling).

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