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The BCP Difference

I co-founded Bella Casa Partners to provide a better level of real estate service and results by combining experience in business law, market analysis, and a passion for interior design.

This blending of talents allows Bella Casa Partners to provide Concierge-style service and unique benefits to each client to achieve their specific house selling, buying, or investment objective.

This idea led to four guiding principles that are the foundation of the partnership with each client:

  • Deliver Concierge-style service by investing more time and effort to get each client to their objective. My approach is to always work to surpass what other agents typically do – and often fail to do – for their home selling or buying clients.

  • Invest BCP capital for targeted upgrades that maximize the appeal of each client's house to buyers.

  • Apply smart-business principles, analysis, and planning to achieve each client's objective and lessen the uncertainty and stress throughout the process. 

  • Use attention-to-detail in house furnishing, interior design resources, and best-in-class photography & video to make a standout visual presentation of each client's house to buyers. This effort is what I refer to as the "House of BCP" process.

The post-Covid real estate market in Northern Virginia is back to a "Skills-based" market.

Whether you are seeking to sell your house for the best net sale result.

Or want to buy your home of choice in the low inventory market we have in Northern Virginia

Always remember these two Real Estate Rules when choosing your agent.

The House of BCP

The House of BCP

The most essential step to obtaining a higher price in fewer days is how your house appears to buyers online - in photos or a video walkthrough.  A buyer's initial reaction to seeing the house online is the most important factor in deciding to see a house in person.


Further, if a buyer develops an emotional expectation or connection with your house through the photos or video, your house is well positioned to be chosen by a buyer to be their next home.


This approach ensures each client's house has more perceived tangible and intangible value in the mind of potential buyers than the comparable houses on the market.  Superior visual presentation is the first - and most important step - in demonstrating value to a buyer.


Simply put, a Bella Casa Partners house looks visually more appealing to buyers than competing houses they will also see in their house search.


My Passion is making each client's house present to buyers with maximum visual impact.

As part of representing a client, BCP can fully furnish an entire house from the "House of BCP" interior design collection.  The photos and videos in the "Gallery of Houses" section show houses that I fully furnished for maximum visual appeal to buyers. 


With the "House of BCP" collection, I can also arrange and add the finishing details that complete the picture in a single room, a living level, or the entire house, with attention to details in how the house looks down to the seemingly minor items that either motivate - or distract - buyers.

The reason for the focus upon superior visual presentation of each client's house is simple.  Research by the National Association of Realtors shows that 50% of houses that are empty or ineffectively furnished sell for 5-10% less than houses with high-end furnishing presentation, with longer days on market.

The combination of the "House of BCP" interior design collection and a focus on visual presentation that creates an emotional connection with buyers is a powerful tool to drive buyer interest, which leads to higher prices, better offer terms, less uncertainty, and fewer days on market. 

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