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Latest Finds at Evolution Home - Episode 49 | Best Vintage & Home Decor Shopping in Alexandria

On my Instagram page (@BellaCasaScott) & YouTube channel (@BellaCasaScott), I post weekly short video Episodes in an ongoing series to share my home decor and antiques "Finds" from Evolution Home, which is located in West End Alexandria (861 S. Pickett St.) next to Aslin Beer & Habitat for Humanity. Follow Evolution Home on Instagram @evolutionhome.

This Episode showcases Waterford wine glasses, brass and silver plate candlesticks, and a few other items. The highlights for me are the 1705 Hermann Moll map of Scotland and the mid-1800 wood box with the inset brass handle.

This video is Episode 49. So, yes, I shop at EH quite often. Never disappointed in the range and scope of items that I "Find."

In my experience, Evolution Home offers the best range of vintage and home decor shopping in Alexandria.


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