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Rocklands BBQ - Pulled Pork Makes Everything Better.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

When you find yourself at the Alexandria Hazardous Waste Drop-off Center on a Saturday afternoon (open Sat & Mon, 9 am to 3 pm) to drop off household chemicals and paint from a selling client's house (, you find yourself next to Rocklands BBQ's Alexandria location.

My last trip to Rocklands was in 2019. Have told myself countless times when driving by on Duke Street that I need to make a point to get lunch at Rocklands. So a day in late February with temperature at upper -30s after 80 degrees two days prior was finally that day.

Sliced pork sammich with sides of cole slaw and sweet potato fries. And a pint of Senate lager from the Right Proper Brewing Co. located in DC.

Great combination. Great lunch. Enjoyed talking with the staff since I had not been in four years. Will definitely make a point to have Rocklands once a quarter.

Rocklands is located at 25 S. Quaker Lane. 703-778-9663.



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