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Patina in Old Town - Treat Yourself to this Beautifully Curated Home Decor Store

Updated: May 3, 2023

Patina Polished Living in Old Town is a beautifully curated store from room to room throughout the row house. It is my favorite home decor store to enjoy again and again, whether to find something to bring home, or to simply enjoy the views.

However, do not let the overall beautiful presentation stop you from admiring the details on each shelf, table, or wall. Through these vignettes, Patina's owners have created a high-end interior design school to show you how use colors, sizes, shapes, and textures to make visually compelling scenes in your own home.

The video above highlights some of the extraordinary collections in the store. Every visit is a learning experience for me to raise the level of presentation in my home and in each client's house when furnishing from the "House of BCP" collection as part of my selling their house.

Patina is located at 111 S. Columbus St. in Old Town. Check out their website at Open 12-5 pm every day.

When you visit Patina, be sure to stop at Manse around the corner in Corsair Alley (113 S. Columbus St.). Manse is another beautifully presented home decor store (see the Manse video on this West End News for You page).


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