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Patina Polished Living & Christmas - A Most Wonderful Combination of Visual Pleasure

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Christmas in Old Town Alexandria is a magical time each year. For those of us that live in West End Alexandria, Patina Polished Living is yet another reason to enjoy Old Town.

I created this video to share with Patina and my friends from my visit this part December to see Patina's Christmas decor in their new location.

Patina Polishing Living is a "MUST GO" store any time of the year, but especially at Christmas. The store is beautifully decorated for the Season. On top of being beautifully decorated year-round. Lots of great home decor items and ideas. Lots of great details in the old Row House.

Go visit Patina often. Then go some more.

Patina is located at 118 S. Columbus Street in Old Town Alexandria.

Check out their website at Better yet, go to the store. You will not be disappointed. Follow Patina on Instagram @patinapolishedliving.


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