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Our Mom Eugenia - Great Greek Food is So Close (Shirlington & Mosaic) | West End Alexandria Dining

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

I recently got introduced to Our Mom Eugenia at the Mosaic District at Rts. 50 & 29 by friends from Overlook for a Sunday lunch. We ordered a variety of appetizers to share. Amazing food. Then I recalled that Our Mom Eugenia opened a location in Shirlington in March, so I ordered delivery to see if that option was equally as good.

It was. Two thumbs way up for the food from both locations. You will not be disappointed. Another outstanding dining option for West End Alexandria.

Everything we tried was excellent. Same for the delivery order food. The Greek Salad, fried Zucchini fritter balls (a "Must Order" item), & Moussaka were particular favorites at Mosaic.

The Shirlington delivery order included baby Eggplant with tomato, red onion, parsley, mint, pine nuts, raisins and feta. Also the baked Beets with a pistachio & garlic spread. Both equally tasty. The grilled Haloumi cheese topped with the spoon sweet of the day was visually appealing and a great mix of salty & sweet.

If you think the Mosaic District is "too far" from West End Alexandria, the drive time is about 20 minutes, with free parking. Not much different that driving to Old Town, with less hassle finding a parking spot. Lots of restaurant options at Mosaic (37 in total/see the list at Mosaic's website), more of which I am going to "research," then share my thoughts.

The Shirlington location is only 10-15 minutes away. No excuse not to try out Our Mom Eugenia.

The Mosaic location is at 2985 District Avenue #185. The Shirlington location is at 4044 Campbell Avenue. Check out their menu at ourmomengunia/menu.



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