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Best Vintage & Home Decor Shopping in Alexandria | Latest Finds @ Evolution Home Episode 40

On my Instagram page (@BellaCasaScott) & YouTube channel (@BellaCasaScott), I post weekly short video Episodes in an ongoing series to share my home decor and antiques "Finds" from Evolution Home, which is located in West End Alexandria (861 S. Pickett St.) next to Aslin Beer & Habitat for Humanity. Follow Evolution Home on Instagram @evolutionhome.

The first of 3 Secretary desks that I bought from EH over last 8 months (check out Episodes 31 & 39). Beautiful desk, fabulous price. The Navy Yard provenance just made it more of a "Find" for me. That and the Great Seal of the US on the front.

Fabulous piece for my house entry. Like it was made for the space.

If you are shopping for great choices in home decor or antiques in Northern Virginia, Evolution Home is most definitely a place to visit. Often. Really Often. In my experience, EH offers the best home decor and vintage shopping in Alexandria.


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