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Beeliner Diner - Eat Well is Their Slogan. Got That Part Right. | West End Alexandria Restaurants

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

I recently got introduced to Beeliner Diner on King St. in the Brandley Shopping Center. So far, I have enjoyed each visit. The food, friendly service, and the brightly lit, fun "vibe" of the place keeps bringing me back for another late lunch as part of my "Research" on West End Alexandria restaurants.

Their Big Papa Deluxe burger on a Brioche bun is really good. So are the Waffle fries. Everything I tasted so far has been equally good, from the Angry Chicken, Pastrami Reuben, and Steak & Cheese sammiches, to the Steak Frites with roasted Brussel sprouts & a tasty Basil sauce.

Breakfast is served all day, which is on my calendar for another visit. So is a visit for a milkshake, boozy or otherwise.

For my friends with longer NoVA memories, this spot used to Atlantis Restaurant for 38 years until 2021.

Beeliner Diner is located in the Bradley Shopping Center at 3648 King St. Check out their menu at



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