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Partnership with Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA).

As my Passion Project, the KW United Alexandria/Kingstowne brokerage office is working with AWLA throughout the year to help animals in need. 

AWLA runs the Alexandria Animal Shelter located at 4101 Eisenhower Ave.

Beginning in Fall 2023, KW United Alexandria/Kingstowne is proud to partner year-round with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) to help with their mission to:

  • Inspire compassion for all living things;

  • Provide shelter to animals in need; &

  • Promote adoptions, animal welfare and responsible pet ownership in our community.


As the Agent Leader of the partnership effort with AWLA, I am proud to bring the the same level of passion and commitment to helping AWLA as I do helping my clients with all their real estate needs.

Scroll down to learn more about AWLA & my efforts,

working with my Office and local businesses, to

"Help AWLA Help Animals in Need."

AWLA is a 501c3 charity organization (EIN: 54-0796610), so your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law

Want to Donate Food or Supplies?

Amazon Wish List - Click Here

or Use QR Code

AWLA Amazon Wish List - QR Code.png
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Nina 2 (9-28-2023).jpg


Chewy Wish List - Click Here

or Use QR Code

AWLA Chewy Wish List - QR Code.png

AWLA welcomes most new or gently used pet supplies, which can be left in the cart at the front entrance (Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm & Sat-Sun, 9am-5pm/weather permitting).  
There are receipts located at the donation cart that you can fill out to claim donations when you file your taxes.  

Per their website, AWLA is not able to accept:

  • animal or human prescription medications (other than flea, tick or heartworm preventatives),

  • metal crates,

  • used litter boxes,

  • used cat trees/scratchers,

  • pillows, sheets/comforters, & knit blankets,

  • sleeping bags,

  • Styrofoam products,

  • rugs/carpets,

  • newspapers,

  • plastic bags,

  • human clothing, or

  • expired or opened bags of pet food or treats. 

Working with AWLA to Help Animals in Need.

V.2 (FINAL) IG & FB Post = Santa Paws _ AWLA.png

My follow up on the first AWLA event (see below) is "Santa Paws at the Shelter" to collect donations to deliver a toy to every Shelter animal for Christmas.

Want to Help AWLA
Help Animals in Need?

I will be in Overlook each weekend before Christmas to pick up donated items.  Contact me for a pick up.

My hope is that as many animals as possible will find their Furever home before Christmas.  For those who do not, I wanted each animal to have something to play with or rest their head on for Christmas.

Thank You to everyone in Overlook who donated!!

The outcome exceeded my hopes, as I collected 169 donated toys, along with treats, food, blankets, and beds.  All due to the generosity of 'Hoomans' to help AWLA help animals in need.

Santa Paws at Shelter - Delivery Photo (No Logos) (12-28-2023).png

AWLA used my IG Reel on Santa Paws to thank everyone who donated during the Christmas Season.  Thank You AWLA!

Red Curved Arrow (1)_edited_edited_edite

On December 6th, our agents delivered donated items to help the Shelter stock their Community Pet Pantry.  Through the Pantry, AWLA provides food and supplies to pet owners in need so their pet can remain at home.

IMG_20231207_123650_629 (PS Edit).jpg

The donated food, treats, and supplies from our October 27th Donation Event with AWLA are going to the Shelter to stock the Pantry.

"Santa Paws" indeed.

Our first event with AWLA was a Donation Event on Friday, October 27, 2023, from 4-7pm on our Office patio.

Check out the Events page for the details on donating to AWLA, the local business sponsors, and the fun we had helping AWLA help animals in need.  AWLA was present with information on donating, adoption, & volunteering.  AWLA also brought two adoptable animals to love on, Rita & Guapo.

(V.6) Final for Website - AWLA October 2023 Event (PNG).png

How did we do for our first Donation Event? 

Thank you to all who donated & each local business sponsor.

Raised $1300 from raffles of sponsor-donated items, which pays for 7 spay/neuter procedures.

One adoption fee ($250) paid by a sponsor, Aussie Pet Mobile, via AWLA's 'Adopt It Forward' Program.

Collected $1500 of donated food, toys, crates, leashes, & treats.

And Guapo got ADOPTED!!

A bigger & better AWLA Donation Event is coming in late-April 2024, so we can help AWLA help even more animals in need.

20231030_113934 (PS Edits).jpg



Check out the video below of the local businesses who supported this event.
Thank you to each of these sponsors who helped support AWLA.

Featured AWLA Animals.

Every animal at AWLA deserves a loving, "Furever" home as soon as possible.  However, I asked AWLA as the start of our Partnership in Fall 2023 to let us know about the animals who deserve special attention to find their home, either due to length of stay at the shelter, a bonded pair, or other reason.  Since every little bit of attention can help, these pups will be highlighted until they find their Furever home.

Best News to Start the New Year!!  These pups have each found their Furever home!!  Garnet & Onyx, Colby, Leroy, and Igor got adopted before Christmas!!

Click the photo for more info and photos on the AWLA website about these adoptable animals.









Colby has his Furever Home!! A Shelter Guest for 8 months, now Home for Christmas.

Garnet & Onyx Got Adopted!!
6 months at the Shelter.  Now Home for Christmas as Pebbles & Rock!!

Nina Got Adopted!!
223 Days at Shelter
Now Going to Her Forever Home at the Beach

Igor found his Furever Home!! After a 6 month stay, Igor is Home for Christmas.


Leroy Got Adopted!! 
He is Home for Christmas!!

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