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West End Alexandria - Did You Know? Free Disposal of Mattress (& Other Large Trash Items)

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

One in a series of short videos providing information about Livability and other noteworthy items for West End Alexandria.

Don't want to pay up to $300 to have a mattress picked up for disposal? Want a free disposal option? Here is your answer.

The Covanta facility at 5301 Eisenhower Ave. will accept a mattress and box spring. I called Covanta last week to confirm, then took my old pair to Covanta in my truck.

Covanta also accepts other trash items that may be too large for your curbside trash collection.

Alexandria residents can drop off small amounts of trash and debris, as well as metal items for recycling ,once a week (limit 500 pounds) for free at the Covanta facility.

The entrance is past the Fire Station and City Impound Lot when driving East on Eisenhower. Drive up to the scale house. In my experience, I get asked for my zip code for proof of residence, rather than to show an ID. After checking in, you will be directed to a dumpster to dispose of your trash items.

From the city website, the materials NOT ACCEPTED as trash include stumps, rocks, dirt, sand, pressurized cylinders/tanks, construction and building debris (e.g., drywall, concrete, tile, roofing material, paint), hazardous waste, ammunition/explosives, regulated medical waste, tires, televisions or other electronics, liquids, and radioactive/geological materials.



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