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West End Alexandria - Did You Know? FAA Directs Less Helicopter Noise over NoVA!

Updated: May 1, 2023

Another in a series of short videos providing information about Livability and other noteworthy items for West End Alexandria.

Helicopter noise over West End Alexandria should be lessened after a new FAA announcement to address noise complaints.

On April 25th, the FAA announced that it would direct helicopters to fly higher and use different routes to lessen noise over Northern Virginia residential neighborhoods. The change is based upon information obtained over the past year from a pilot program to collect noise complaints ( & the PlaneNoise mobile app). This noise complaint reporting system will remain in place.

Helicopter Route 5 runs along 395. The image below from the FAA Helicopter Route Chart shows the routes around Alexandria. You can see the full Chart for the Washington DC area at this FAA website link.


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