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West End Alexandria - Did You Know? WestEnd Alexandria Update - Infrastructure Grading Starts

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Another video in a series on Northern Virginia Real Estate development projects that impact the West End of Alexandria. This video provides an update on the current infrastructure grading work currently going on at the WestEnd Alexandria project, which is the City of Alexandria's foremost Real Estate project. The grading work started in Fall 2022 after completion of the demolition of Landmark Mall, which started in May 2022.

Visit the Bella Casa Partners Partners YouTube channel for the update videos on WestEnd Alexandria and the new Inova Alexandria Hospital Campus.

WestEnd Alexandria is one of the largest development projects not just in Northern Virginia, but in the entire Washington Metro area. The project will bring the Town Center/mixed use, walkable Urban Village concept to Alexandria's West End.

Inova's new Alexandria Hospital Campus will be located at WestEnd Alexandria. Inova is investing $1 Billion to create a World-class health campus that will be the flagship of Inova's Northern Virginia presence.


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