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West End Alexandria - Did You Know? Safety Audits for Van Dorn Intersections

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

One in a series of short videos providing information about Livability and other noteworthy items for the West End of Alexandria.

The U.S. Department of Transportation selected the City of Alexandria as a grant recipient of the Safe Streets & Roads for All program. This grant will fund safety audits for seven high-crash intersections on Alexandria’s West End.

The project will begin in Fiscal Year 2024 (July 24-June 25) and will include safety audits, analysis, community engagement, and conceptual design for each of the seven intersections.

The intersections are as follows:

  • South Van Dorn Street and South Pickett Street

  • South Van Dorn Street and Edsall Road

  • Seminary Road and Mark Center Avenue

  • Seminary Road and Kenmore Avenue/Library Lane

  • King Street and Dawes Avenue

  • King Street and 28th Street

  • King Street and Park Center Drive

The City's announcement is at the this link.


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